This is a collection of my intellectual curiosities. It is through a simple and conscious dedication to being curious that I believe we can come to profound and unique insights. Those personal discoveries through curiosity are not often reflected on a resume, or when describing what you do for a career. Therefore, this is my attempt at conveying what I find fascinating about the world and my systematic attempts at trying to understand it.

My Academic Background:

Bachelors of Science in Economics: University of Southern Indiana

Master of Business Administration in Data Analytics: University of Southern Indiana

Master of Arts in Economics: University of Missouri - Columbia - Anticipated 2020

My Professional Background:

Vectren Corporation Analyst, Market Research & Analysis (May 2018 - Current)

Loop Technologies Co-Founder, Software Engineer (November 2016 - January 2018)

CPHandheld Technology Data Scientist, Intern (Fall 2016)

Ditto Technologies Quality Assurance, Intern (Summer 2016)

About - Jeremy A. Seibert